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WTA Travel Safety Advisory Information

What travel documents will I need for my trip to Europe? As a woman traveling alone, what can I do to minimize my vulnerability? What precautions should I take while staying in a hotel? How do I find out vaccination requirements for my trip to Africa? These and other questions posed by travelers traveling abroad and within the U.S. are endless and vital. To help you get the answers, WTA offers travel information for the domestic and international traveler. Click on any of the titles for viewing and download instructions.

Travel Related & Safety Articles:

Air Travel Safety:

Understanding Airport Screening - Learn how to pack, what to wear, and what items are prohibited as part of the new airport screening process.

FAA Advises Air Travelers on Airport - Airline Security Measures

A New World of Security Concerns for International Travelers - This article was written after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and discusses some of the new security issues that travelers may have to face.

Exchanging Currency For Your Trip Abroad– This free brochure gives you information regarding exchanging currency for your trip abroad. Click here to view or download.

Hotel Security– This free brochure offers valuable information regarding hotel security, safety, and what to do in case of a fire. This information applies to both domestic and foreign travel. Click here to view or download.

Travel Documents – This free brochure provides you a listing of what documents you should take on your trip abroad. It is also useful if planning a trip within the U.S. by telling you what documents you should take with you and what information you should leave with a friend or relative. Click here to view or download.

Travel Health Information – This free brochure gives you various resources to find vaccination and health condition information in foreign countries. Click here to view or download.

Women Travelers– This free brochure offers a checklist of safety practices for women while traveling. Click here to view or download.

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