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Travel Tips on Amusement Parks

  • Protect your wallet from the deluge of water rides by sealing it in a freezer bag before your ride.
  • Bring a spare pair of shoes to leave in your car in case one pair gets wet during your day at the park.
  • Most parking passes are good for the entire day. If you leave the theme park early, donít throw out your parking pass in case you decide to return later in the day.
  • Is your family looking forward to a specific ride? To avoid disappointment, call the park ahead of time to see if any of the big rides will be closed due to scheduled maintenance during your stay.
  • Downpours are common during sultry Central Florida afternoons. If you want to keep to your schedule and not get stuck inside, be prepared for the showers by bringing along lightweight rain gear.
  • Donít ruin a vacation by getting sunburned. Cover your body with a strong sunscreen several times throughout the day, especially after water rides.
  • Donít lose a pair of expensive glasses during a wild ride. Take a cheaper pair that you wonít fret over losing.
  • Donít let your child be disappointed because he doesnít meet a rideís height restriction. Do the research ahead of time to find out about any restrictions, and to read about scary elements. Then let them know which rides they can expect to go on.
  • Nature reserves are a wonderful way to view wild animals in a setting more natural than a zoo. There is an element of danger, however. Obey all posted signs and instructions given by the park employees. Donít leave your car to take pictures.
  • Through WTAís arrangement with amusement parks around the country, members are entitled to discount coupons that can save you a bundle. Click here to get more information on this popular WTA member benefit!
  • Get a National Park Pass this year. For $80, you and your family gain free entrance into national parks, monuments, historic sites, and national wildlife refuges for a one-year period.  Seniors (62+) can pay a one-time $10 fee and gain free entrance for a lifetime, plus discounts on facilities and services such as camping, swimming, and tours. Get details at or by visiting a park where an entrance fee is charged.
  • Here are some ideas for enjoying theme park parades. Stand at the beginning of the parade route and enjoy the show. Then, while the crowd along the rest of the route is watching the parade, youíll have seen it all and can scoot to visit rides with shorter lines. Be sure to stand on the side of the street the rides are on, since you wonít be able to cross through the parade route.
  • Reduce the time spent in amusement park concession stands and restaurants by planning to eat your meal either before or after standard meal times. Then when most other people are eating, you can enjoy shorter lines for the attractions.
  • On a hot day in a theme park, donít forget to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water. The cost for a bottle may be higher than youíd normally pay, but the benefits to your body will make you glad you did!
  • Theme park gift shops offer many tempting goodies. But, donít get weighed down carrying around packages all day. Check to see if the park will either hold your purchases for you to pick up at the front gate as you leave, deliver the items to your hotel, or provide a locker in which you can place the packages. If not, shop at the very end of the day while most people are exiting the park.