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Top 10 Pet Friendly Cities

Courtesty of Sure Fit

  1. New York City - Between winding trails, off-leash hours and fenced-in dog parks, NYC's Central Park is the perfect pet hang-out. Plus, pet daycare can be found in nearly every Big Apple neighborhood.
  2. Chicago - Dogs are welcome on canine cruises at Chicago's Navy Pier, and the Windy City is home to a number of pet resorts and patio restaurants that welcome furry friends.
  3. Boston - Pooches are welcome to tour Boston Harbor by boat, and dogs are welcome to take the subway.
  4. Houston - Local pet lovers praise Barnaby's Cafe, where pets aren't just welcome, they're given their own cardboard bowl to dine from while their owners grab a bite.
  5. San Francisco - The city by the bay offers plenty of pet-friendly dining, off-leash beaches, and outdoor areas. Take your dog for a stroll across the Golden Gate Bridge -- or even bring him along on a cable-car ride!
  6. Austin - Besides outdoor cafes and off-leash parks, Austin residents tout the Zilker Botanical Gardens and Congress Street Bats as great places for local dogs (and dog-owners).
  7. Washington (and its suburb Alexandria, Va.) - Both areas feature plenty of pet-friendly restaurants and parks.
  8. Portland, Ore. - The Lucky Labrador restaurant chain is famously pet-friendly. Pets are also invited to visit the Rose Gardens and Saturday outdoor market.
  9. Charleston - Bring your pet along on a walking tour of historic Charleston, whether it's a daytime stroll through Magnolia Plantation or a nighttime ghost tour of the city's haunted haunts.
  10. Ann Arbor - Pets are welcome to frolic in many of the city's outdoor spaces, including the Nichols Arboretum, a large botanical garden at the University of Michigan