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How to Get a Summer Travel Deal


Hunting down a great flight deal isn’t rocket science – it just takes a little time and know-how. Follow these tips to spot the best travel deals:

The earlier you book, the better. While last-minute sales can pleasantly surprise you, usually the best deals are found 30-60 days in advance, which is especially true during the high season. Start researching travel deals the minute you start dreaming about your trip.

Remember the Cheapflights Golden Rule: Shop around before you buy so you never miss a chance to get a better deal.

Look out for seat sales. If you’ve done your research and find an alarmingly low price, book it. The number of discount tickets is limited, and seats go fast - sometimes even hesitating for a few minutes may be detrimental.

Finally, flexibility is key. Keeping an open mind towards travel dates and destinations is a sure-fire way to find a bargain. The fewer restrictions you impose on your travel plans, the better.

Here are a few ways to be flexible and save:

  • Ease up on your dates. Instead of traveling on Sunday, look for flights departing on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, which are usually the cheapest.
  • Reconsider the length of your stay. Flying a day later than planned, or going for six rather than seven days could make a significant difference in price.
  • Consider alternative destinations. If you’re adamant about seeing the beach, choose a lesser-known city or resort. If you just need to get away, explore options in the mountains, by lakes or in cities. Taking the path less traveled often pays off.
  • Research nearby airports. Smaller airports usually charge fewer taxes and other fees, which reduce flight costs. Just make sure getting to and from the airport doesn’t add up to more than the amount you saved on the airfare.
  • Take advantage of shoulder seasons. They are the times between the high and low season, and make excellent alternatives. Weather conditions are nearly as nice as they are in high season, but you’ll fight fewer crowds and pay less for flights and hotels.