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Skyscanner Reveals the Ultimate Seasonal Destinations

Those who travel a lot (also known as “Power Travelers”) know that the best time to visit a popular destination is in the “off season” when there are fewer crowds. While searches for flights to London are the most popular amongst US travellers throughout the year, many of the most popular destinations vary hugely in their ranking depending on the season of travel. With this in mind, cheap flights comparison site, reveals the ultimate destinations to visit each season.

The top choice for summer: Honolulu
Honolulu is the 7th most popular destination in the spring, however by summer it falls down the chart to 11th position; indicating that the number of tourists will have fallen too. Why so calm in the summer? People in the continental US don’t need to travel halfway across the Pacific to enjoy warm weather - something Hawaii is blessed year-round!

The fall favorite: San Francisco
Plummeting eight places from ninth most popular destination in summer to rank 17th in the fall, the city by the Bay has much to offer in the fall. Weather-wise, fall offers many advantages over the other seasons: rainfall becomes rare, and the decrease in humidity also means that the fog disappears, and days are warm and sunny, without being stifling.

A winter wonderland in: Frankfurt
The German city drops from 8th on the list in summer, to 17th in the colder months. While many tourists might be put off by the cold reputation of the European winters, an average of 30°F in January is actually much warmer than many other European and North American destinations and winter is the perfect time to find cheap airfare deals to Europe. Travelers can experience the magical charm of the Christkindlmarkt, the traditional German Christmas Markets as well as hosting the dazzling New Year celebrations including the traditional New Year’s concert on January 1st.

Spring’s in bloom in: Orlando
While Florida might be a popular choice for spring breakers, Orlando actually drops to its lowest position in the popularity chart in the spring – down from 7th place in winter to 13th place. This means tourists looking to enjoy the fun of the world-famous theme parks can do so without the tiresomely long queues or blistering heat. Also, mosquitoes, the eternal bane of visitors to Florida, are at their least active in the spring months. Visitors to Orlando in this season can also benefit from the colorful and creative annual Epcot Flower and Garden festival as well as the Mardi Gras celebrations at Universal Studios.

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