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Portable Solar Charger a Bright Idea

Green-on-the-go: pocket-sized gadget use sunlight to power devices

For those always on-the-go, keeping electronic devices like cell phones, PDAs, iPods, gaming systems, cameras and even laptops charged can be a challenge. “Although car and other portable charging solutions abound, many people often find themselves away from an electricity source, unable to power their devices,” notes Paul Holstein of – an eTailer offering a myriad of eco-friendly electronics.

“There are many budget-friendly portable charging devices on the market that harness the power of the sun – a free and totally clean energy source,” Holstein says. “These mobile solar chargers also reduce the need for multiple chargers or adapters for each piece of equipment requiring power.”

Here is a representative portable solar charging device offers to help consumers to go green, without having to spend a lot of green:

JuiceBar Solar Charger

The JuiceBar Solar Charger enables you to charge several different devices using light, without having to tote around a variety of AC adapters and cords. This compact device is equipped with solar cells that begin to charge immediately upon contact with light. Includes 12 of the most commonly used adapters for cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, portable gaming systems, and more.

Consumers may order this and other “green gadgets” online at or via toll-free telephone at 866-222-0030.