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The Best Places to Go For a Low Budget Vacation

By Debra Hunt

With the economy on a downturn, people are looking for increasingly cheap ways to plan vacations. However, this is not as impossible as it sounds as there are many places that offer cheap alternatives to exotic vacations. In this article we shall discuss a few ways of reducing costs during your next vacation as well as some places where you can go to enjoy cheap vacations.

The first way to cut costs on any vacation is to remove the cost of a hotel. You can do this by either staying with friends or family, or even asking around and finding out if someone has a cabin or house you can borrow for a short vacation.

A lot of people have vacation homes or extra houses that they do not use, and if you know someone very well they may be willing to give this to you free of cost for a weekend. Planning vacations to a town where you have friends and family also reduces the cost of housing, as well as dining since you will mostly be eating at home.

This vacation not only saves you money but also allows you to build closer bonds with your family and friends. You can enjoy big home cooked dinners and spend some time with people that mean a lot to you and you would never get a chance to meet otherwise.

Another cheap vacation idea is to go camping. It is not that expensive to rent space on a campsite, and a lot of campsites are near lakes or oceans and you can even take in a bit of sun and enjoy some water sports.

The biggest cost during this trip is the equipment, and if you have friends who are avid campers, you can borrow their equipment and save the cost of having to buy everything yourself. It is cheaper if you book yourself on a campsite within your state.

Just make sure you pack yourself plenty of food since you will be feeding yourself as no campsite has a restaurant. This will actually save you money as well. You can spend your camping trip either hiking through the area (make sure you take a map) or by telling stories in front of a campfire. Make sure you pack plenty of marshmallows, and other items you can cook on a campfire.

It is also very cheap to go to Florida for a vacation. A typical motel costs about fifty dollars for one day, and you can enjoy the sun and beaches while you are there. It is a great summer getaway for people who absolutely have to spend time on a beach.

One last way to save money on a vacation is to book well in advance. A lot of hotels offer discounted rates if you book yourself a few months in advance, and you can even keep your eye open for discounts that go up throughout the year, such as off season discounts in beach or skiing resorts.

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