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Get Hooked With’s Top Fishing Destinations

Boston, MA – August 16, 2011 –, the online leader in publishing travel deals, ventures out into the open waters with its list of Top Fishing Destinations. Featuring some of the world’s premier offshore fishing spots, get ready for an adventure unlike any other. Immerse yourself in Scotland by reeling in sea trout, or bundle up in Newfoundland to catch yourself a dinner of yellowtail and mackerel. Whether your preference is salmon or bluefin– or Cape Town or Cabo – our top destinations are sure to attract any fisherman – or woman.

Offshore fishing gives both pros and novices alike the chance to absorb different terrains and cultures, with just a line and bait in tow. Below are five popular fishing destinations in the Americas to make’s list.

Florida Keys, U.S. - Set your iPod to Jimmy Buffett’s “Margaritaville,” pour yourself an appropriately mixed beverage, and spend a day relaxing on South Florida’s turquoise seas. There you’ll find the Marquesas Keys, located just 30 miles off of Key West’s west coast – an ideal spot for fishing. The marine sanctuary law in place ensures an abundance of wildlife, where you’ll catch permit, shark and barracuda. There’s a very remote feel because a lot of charters aren’t willing to make the trip on account of high fuel prices. Find a charter that’s willing to go the extra mile, literally, for quite possibly the most unforgettable fishing trip of your life.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - Appropriately nicknamed the “Marlin Capital of the World,” Cabo San Lucas in Mexico is a place to bring your highest-quality camera. There’s nothing like capturing your family’s Christmas card on the beaches of Mexico’s most abundant shoreline – with a massive marlin on display. More than 3,000 species of marine life live off the Baja Peninsula – and marlin rule the seas. Some of the most well regarded yacht charters around, like the Picante Bluewater Sportfishing fleet, take eager novices out daily, year round.

Montauk Point, New York, U.S. - Montauk Point, a glacial cliff on the east coast of Long Island, provides a fishing retreat for New Yorkers, Philadelphians, Bostonians – and everyone in between. Thankfully charter groups that take you out come equipped with experienced captains who know what they’re doing. Bring the family to reel in tuna, striped bass and shark that swim the eastern shore of the States. Remember to bring a cooler: your finest catches can serve as dinner after a sun-filled day on the high seas.

Newfoundland, Canada - The tastiest fish in the world, from arctic char to rainbow trout to cod, live off the coast of Newfoundland on Canada’s east coast. Stay inland along Newfoundland’s Flowers River if salmon piques your interest. But for saltwater species, like yellowtail and mackerel, head east to the blistery coast. The area, between its mountainous terrain and serene surroundings, is an ideal spot to bait your hook, sit back and relax. Until you get your first bite, of course.

Puget Sound, Washington, U.S. - For a day trip from Seattle, try nearby Puget Sound. The waters are calm and it’s easy to relax – perfect for the stressed out workaholic (Seattle has them, right?) who just wants to get away from it all. Turn off your cell phone, cast your line, and sit back while the salmon comes to you. Your view of Mount Rainer and the Olympic Mountains will make the trip – whether from Seattle or Senegal – worth your while. Fishing is popular in the area, so there’s no shortage of charters to take you out. Sign up ahead of time, and then go with the flow.

For those looking to embark on an exotic fishing adventure overseas, be sure to check out our other five destinations: Sutherland, Scotland; Phuket, Thailand; Cape Town, South Africa; Sicily, Italy and Victoria, Australia.