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The WTA Wise Traveler® Newsletter Articles

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You Get Much When You Go Dutch—Lancaster County

Mason City, IA—The Music Man’s Home

Fayetteville, WV - A Big Leap Into Adventure

Coos Bay—A Rugged Beauty

Taos, New Mexico—Where History and Fun Meet

Lake of the Ozarks—Dam Good Outdoors

Cincinnati—A Chili Dish, Warm Reception

Head for Hilton Head

Albuquerque - Spanish and Indian Touch on Modern Enjoyment

Nashville – A Vacation With Strings Attached   

St. Augustine - A Fountain of Youth 

Odds Are You’ll Enjoy Atlantic City  

Enjoy Utah’s Truly Unique Experience! - St. George, Utah 

Rhode Island: Little State, Big Attractions 

Having Fun is In In Indiana 

Simply Marvelous Milan 

Still Rockin in Little Rock 

How Would You Describe Paradise? Isla Mujeres, Mexico! 

Tunica - A Delta Delight 

Savannah—Where History Lives In A Modern City 

Winter Fun in Idaho-ho-ho 

Tulsa, OK and Traveling Route 66 – Where Fun and Memories Mix 

Copper Canyon, Mexico - Adventure in the Wilderness! 

Sedona—Surrounded by Beauty

Exploring the "Great Down Under" - Sydney, Australia

Outer Banks, NC—Where flight began and fun never ends

Tuscany - An Italian Delight

Civil War Battlefields-On-Site History Lesson Without Exams

Lisbon's New Age of Discovery

Key Largo-A Classic for Movie and Underwater Enthusiasts

Incredible Istanbul

Hawaii - Touring the Island of Oahu

Beijing - The Center of China

A Literary Stroll Through New Orleans

Shanghai - The Seven Sins of Shanghai

Paris-Everyone's Dream

Boston's Freedom Trail - Exploring the City of Firsts

Belize, the English-speaking Gem of Central America

Nova Scotia: The Southern Loop & Lighthouse Trail

The Golden Miles

Mount Everest - The Ultimate Journey

Sunbelt Solitude - Valley of the Gods, Utah

Palmas del Mar - Undiscovered Puerto Rico

Falling in Love with Old Cape Cod

Canal Barging in France

(See Destinations for a more comprehensive list of articles)

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Travel Health Made Easy

Traveling Abroad? Make Sure You Are Prepared 

Exploring the Deep Blue Sea 

The One Item to Pack (always): Common Sense

Warning: A Shot in the Arm Could Save Your Vacation

Flu Season Is all Year for Travelers - Don’t Let it Get You Down

Foreign Security and Health Information Available


Altitude Illness and "the Traveler"

Motion Sickness

What’s All The Fuss About International Immunizations?

You're Getting Verrry Sleeepy...Combating Jet Lag

Typhoid Update: A Guide for Travelers

Purchasing Medications in Foreign Countries

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Cell Phone Safety – ICE

Traveling Abroad? Make Sure You Are Prepared

Cruise Travel For The Disabled

Understanding Airport Screening

Be a Safe and Informed Traveler This Summer

Foreign Security and Health Information Available

Hotel Security Tips for Travelers

Safety Tips for the Woman Traveler

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Money Saving WTA Travel Tips

Wise Travel Theme Park Tips

Foreign Travel Tips

Chinese Eating Etiquette

Traveling With Your Pet

Helpful Holiday Tips

Travel Documents: What To Take When Traveling Abroad

Get Packing

Currency Exchange

Funny Business: Amusement Parks Mean Fun For Everyone

Travel Insurance: A Good Investment?

Habla Anything?? -  Berlitz and Beyond

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Don’t Get Soaked When It Comes to Water Damage

Let Your Everyday Banking Say Something About You and Your Love for Travel

Travel Health Clinic Locator Available

Do You Have All the Auto Coverage You Think You Have?

Show Your Passion For Travel

New Personal Property and Liability Insurance Program for WTA Members

WTA Wise Travel Theme Park Tips

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Show Your Passion for Travel With a WTA Checking Account

Travel Discounts Save You Money

WTA Travel Insurance - Just in Case

Set Up Your WTA Online Account and Stay Informed

Exclusive Wireless Offers For World Travelers of America Members

Hassle-Free Travel Planning

RV Financing Available to WTA Members

Take a Vacation on WTA

Missing Out on Member Benefits?

WTA Travel Insurance Provides Extra Protection

Explore Popular Cities at a Discount

Summer Dreaming

Winter Discounts for WTA Members

New WTA Member Benefit – WTA Travel Insurance

Hotel Discounts Save You Money

Great Holiday Gift Ideas from WTA

What is Your WTA Membership Costing You?

WTA Member Benefit - CityPass Discounts

WTA Destination Information

New Parks Added to Theme Park and Zoo Discount Program!

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Airport Codes

Travel Enjoyment

Interesting Sights

Finding Your Way

Fascinating Places

Destination Tidbits

Destinations II

Where in the World?


Travel Surprises

Travel Tip Teasers

What's in a Place Name

Political Corrections

Where in the World?


WTA Wise Travel Tips Quiz

Where in the World?

Test Your Travel IQ

Latitude - Match 3 cities to the same latitude

Altered States

Stumped? Match Country, Leader and Capitol

Destination Dramas

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