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Discount Last Minute Travel - The 5 Best Places to Find Deals

By B. Hopkins

You don't need a lot of money to travel well, especially if you know where to look to find some amazing deals. There are many sources both offline and online that are great places to look for travel deals. There are ways to take advantage of discounts and saving opportunities, limited offers, getting secret tips from other fellow last minute travelers who know a thing or two and just plain old bargain hunters. There are many lessons we can learn from these travelers that will help us with our next trip. So where are the 5 best places to find these travel deals?

1) Web pages and travel websites

There are many specific online providers who focus only on the hottest deals for vacation packages and discounts in other areas of travel, such as airfare, or hotel. These sites have access to the unsold inventory of many special travel packages. Brokerages and discount fare operators are also a great place to look for last minute fares and sales online.

2) Travel specialist portals

These portals are like a clearinghouse of last minute travel deals. Many of these sites are set up like reverse auctions such as where you set your price, but you have to be completely flexible as to when you can travel. Sometimes you will have to be prepared for multiple connections and odd times and dates to get your price.

3) Travel newsletters

There are a number of industry travel newsletters, magazines, email lists and ezines that offer insider travel tips, such has how to book cheap seats and score cheap hotel rooms. These sources can also tell you what to expect in pricing in different locations as well. Using the information from these sources is a great way to do some comparison-shopping and to get the opportunity to travel to places that were normally out of your reach before.

4) Your booking agent

If it's between getting a sale and getting nothing, your booking agent can be a great source for discount and last minute deals. If you mention you will only travel with last minute deals then you can communicate to them that they check the specials and limited availability options only.

5) Resort, time-shares and other promotions

These are great places to get last minute travel information. Many of these places are associated with tourist boards and other information centers that know about last minute and typically unpublished travel deals. You can get a great deal beyond relying only on seat sales.

These are the five best places to look for discount last minute travel. Most of these places are not new; it just may be that they are not thought of as places to look for travel deals because we are so online focused in our mindset to look for travel deals. Start out with a few destinations in mind and search through these resources to discover what would be the best way to find discounted deals on airfare, hotels, and other vacation packages.

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