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A Hidden Airfare Bargain - Where to Find the Best Deals

By B. Hopkins

If your schedule is flexible enough, or you really rely on luck to give you some of the best deals for airfare, you can get some great travel deals. The deals are there because airlines and hotels would rather receive something for a seat that would normally be empty so if you know where to look, you can get some great discounts and find a hidden airfare bargain (up to 70% off retail price). So where does the dollar conscious traveler look to get such great deals?

One of the best places to look for great deals is online. The Internet is a great clearinghouse for last minute travel packages that include hotel, air, and car as well. Sometimes some of these travel packages contain tickets to amusement parks as well and it depends upon the package and the time of year.

The first website to look for secret airfare deals is This site is organized by activity and by resource need. You can find last minute deals on just about every aspect of your vacation including the airfare. You can also find whole vacation packages that allow you to get even more discounts. There is one nice feature for those that like to make reservations at the very last minute, and that is the "last second deals" selection. The searches are quite organized and will give you a choice of hotels and flights if you are booking a combination.

The next website that will give you some info on secret airfare deals is Like, allows you to purchase hotel, airfare, car rental cruises, or vacation package deals. Unlike, it doesn't have the special "last second deals" option, however my guess is that it just folded all the offers into the other choices. From a marketing standpoint, I think it was a good idea to separate out the fire sales and the slow moving inventory to put a spotlight on those deals. I would love to see the analytics of the site. also has a feature called "last minute deals in advance", which works in a slightly different way than the's "last second deals". Here, the "last minute deals in advance" are just spotlighted deals that you can book at any time. There may not be any additional discounts for these deals.

The last website called focuses on more of a vacation getaway experience. Their flight deals are bundled with hotel, vacation, or retreat packages. The traveler to be would come to this site looking for a way to get a vacation experience for the least amount possible. The site also includes international travel as well as off-beat out of the way places. This site caters to a narrower group of travelers who are looking for secret airfare deals or cheap discounted international airfare.

If you know the places to look, you can find very discounted deals on airfare, especially if you bundle the airfare with a hotel or vacation package. The rise of last minute travel has caused many websites that focus on travel within 14 days to sprout up. In most cases, last minute travel is very expensive, but if you are willing to wait and see what is available within 2 days, you can find some amazing airfare deals. This is good for those who are looking for airfare discounts for college students or starving artists as well. For even more flexibility in your choices and deeper discounts, you will need to know the deeper held secrets of air travel.

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