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If you have a love for travel, whether in the U.S. or abroad, the World Travelers of America website has a lot to offer you. More than 75,000 savvy travelers use WTA's exclusive services and benefits, supporting our mission to make travel safer, more affordable, and hassle-free.

Whether you are currently a member or a visitor for the first time, travel through the site and access a variety of resources designed to enhance your travel experiences. Click on any areas below or on either side of your screen and let WTA help you enjoy your travels that much more.

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Since 1999, World Travelers of America (WTA) has not only offered tremendous benefits and valuable discounts to members and non-members, we have also worked to promote travel safety, affordability, and improving the ease of travel.

Impressive Benefits for Non-Members and Members

WTA has created an impressive list of benefits that travelers like you will appreciate. Over 75,000 travelers across the United States are members of World Travelers of America. For just $19, you, too, can join their ranks and take advantage of WTA's exceptional benefits and services.

You've never received so much for just $19.

You can even get a 1-year membership FREE just by using select programs offered by World Travelers of America.

From deep hotel and auto rental discounts to affordable travel insurance to getting the most valuable travel safety, health and other travel tips, you'll find it all at World Travelers of America. Join Today!


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