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   Volume 161
 September  2011

Fly or Drive Calculator™ Now Available

Wondering whether to fly or drive on your next trip? Compare the cost and time of flying or driving to help you figure out the most cost and time effective way to travel. To find out which is right for you, simply go to

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Three-day, Two-night Stay from WTA

The key to a travel certificate valid for a 3-day, 2-night stay at a choice of amazing hotels and resorts is your WTA online membership password.

To enter a contest for your chance at one of five free travel certificates, each valued at up to $350, just log in to the Members Only section of Once on the Members Only homepage, click on the Enter Contest box, it’s that easy!

Enter the contest

Don’t know your password to log in? No worries. Just go to and click on “Forgot Password?” Your password will automatically be emailed to you, allowing you to sign in and enter the contest.

When you retrieve your WTA membership password, you can begin taking advantage of your members-only privileges—the discount programs, the special benefits and the valuable offers.

WTA will hold a random drawing on or near October 1, 2011 of all entries received. Enter today!

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Take the Hassle Out of Travel With These Travel Apps

by Mike Anderson, WTA Staff Member

With all of the new technology that is available at our fingertips through the use of smart phones and similar devices, I decided to see what was available to make my travels easier. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. Since I have an iPhone, my search was for apps that I could use with that device, but I think most are available for Android and other devices as well.

The most pleasant part of the surprise was that the apps I found most useful were free. That’s right, free. The ones that I paid for were not nearly as useful and functional as the free apps that I found.

Find out which apps were most useful.

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Do You Have All the Auto Coverage You Think You Have?

Millions of auto owners are involved in accidents every year—and if that weren’t bad enough, some people are often stunned to find out that their auto coverage actually may not cover everything they anticipate. For instance, many auto policies will take a deduction for depreciation—even if the car is brand new and is involved in an accident while driving off the dealer’s lot!

Read on for some questions you should ask before purchasing auto insurance.

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Travel Quiz - Destination Dramas

In the following movies, the real stars are the places named in their titles. Match the movies with the year it was made (second column) and then two of their leading actors (third column).

1. It Started in Naples a. 1983 A. Errol Flynn, Torin Thatcher
2. Istanbul b. 1944 B. Lon Chaney, Marceline Day
3. Is Paris Burning?
c. 1962 C. Bob Hope, Bing Crosby
4. London After Midnight d. 1959 D. Peter O’Toole, Omar Sharif
5. New York, New York e. 1952 E. Clark Gable, Sophia Loren
6. The Road to Bali f. 1977 F. Leslie Caron, Gert Frobe
7. Our Man in Havana
g. 1927 G. Spencer Tracy, Van Johnson
8. Lawrence of Arabia
h. 1965 H. Liza Minnelli, Robert de Niro
9. Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo i. 1956 I. Michael Caine, Valerie Harper
10. Blame It on Rio j. 1960 J. Alec Guinness, Noel Coward

Find out the answers.

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