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Travel Quiz—Walled In

Walls have been constructed to protect cities and countries or divide them as long as there has been recorded history. Many still exist and some recent ones have been constructed. Take this quiz to see how many you recognize. Source:

1. Where did a famous wall go up in 1961?

a. Shanghai
b. Berlin
c. Bogotá

2. A large wall built to hold back barbarians is constructed where?

a. Italy
b. China
c. England

3. Where was a wall expected to minimize violence between two religious groups?

a. Northern Ireland
b. Iraq
c. India

4. Built originally to hold back attackers, a wall stretches almost 6,000 miles across what country?

a. Russia
b. China
c. Israel

5. The “Wailing Wall” is considered a holy site by two different religions. Where is it?

a. Jerusalem
b. Palestine
c. Ireland

6. A barrier of about 436 miles has been approved and started by what country?

a. Jordon
b. Israel
c. Palestine

7. What city in the world still has a series of stone walls completely surrounding it?

a. Morocco (editor's note: Morocco is a country, not a city)
b. Jerusalem
c. Istanbul

8. A berm, or sound wall, of about 1,677 miles runs in what desert to separate two countries?

a. Sahara
b. Gobi
c. Great Sandy

9. Fortification surrounding this seaport town was being built in the 12th century and still stands. In what city is it?

a. Bombay
b. Naples
c. Dubrovnik

10. What city is number two on the list of “germiest attractions” after patrons began sticking chewing gum on a wall outside a theater while waiting for tickets?

a. Seattle
b. Lancashire
c. Moscow

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