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Travel Quiz

Surprises in travel are often fun but not if they concern something you should know. Here are ten subjects that could surprise you if you arenít sure. Test yourself with this little quiz and avoid the unhappy surprises.

1. Haggling is a time-honored tradition in many countries. After checking prices at various venders, start your haggling by offering:

a. 50% of the asking price
b. 75% of the asking price
c. 35% of the asking price

2. To feel physically better after a long flight, before you go it is best to:

a. Eat heavy meals so you can fast the first few days on the trip
b. Eat some of the foods you expect to eat when you arrive at your
c. Eat light meals

3. Some vendors pretend to not have change for large bills, hoping to gain better prices. To avoid this problem:

a. Ask a native to make the purchase for you
b. Carry several bills in smaller denominations
c. Say you wonít make the purchase

4. If you need preventative medicine on the trip - such as malaria pills - the time to take them is:

a. Immediately upon arrival in the country
b. Not until symptoms occur
c. Several days before going to check possible side effects

5. When traveling on domestic airlines in Asia, tall Americans might want to request an aisle seat because:

a. It is easier to reach the exit doors
b. Rows of seats are usually several inches closer together than on
American airline airplanes
c. It is easier to converse with flight attendants who might not fully
understand English

6. When crossing a street in a country where traffic drives on the left side of the road, what should you do differently than in the United States?

a. Hold up your hand to stop approaching autos
b. Look to your right first instead of to your left as this will be the nearest
c. Wait until a number of other persons arrive to cross together

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